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Green hosting solutions

All our servers are located in state of the art servers centres powered by green energy and employing an environmentally considered approach to all business activity. All servers are optimised to run efficiently and use class leading low power processors. Building are naturally ventilated when ever possible whilst remaining a controlled environment.


All websites need to be hosted to enable them to be viewed by the world 24 hours a day. We can develop websites and upload to any server. We recognise the need for reliable business class hosting for both websites, web applications and email.

At IAF Design we have our own dedicated servers to enable us to offer hosting directly to our clients. These are managed in house by us and we have complete control and root access to allow us to both trouble shoot any site problems and install any applications that may be required by clients. It means all your web needs are handled by one supplier and therefore conflicts are avoided and your site runs smoothly as intended.


We operate class leading servers with full raid which gives a mirrored approach to your website data. Daily incremental backup is used and weekly off-site back up is also undertaken to a physically seperate location.

We offer solutions from basic email to unlimited data solutions as well as dedicated managed servers should your site require it very own server. As always we will advise on the best solution and package for your website and online presence.


Your website name is also your website address on the world wide web - the bit after the www. If it essential to choose wisely and we can register any available name for you in a correct and ethical manner then ensure it remains registered to you. We offer sound advice on the use of your domain names and can also transfer existing domains to our managed in house servers. We aim to explain this in simple plain English terms to avoid you getting confused with technical computer speak.