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About QR Codes

Originally designed by Toyota to track vehicle production, Quick Response (QR) Codes have truly gone mainstream.

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that are used to encrypt information. When scanned using your camera phone they enable you to access some pre-written content or complete a task. It could display some text, access a web site or sending a text message or an email. Their use is more effective and efficient, simply scanning the code on your phone. No need to entering the information using your fingers!

For example, scanning the QR Code below will open our website at http://www.iafdesign.com/qrcode on your mobile phone.

QR codes can be found everywhere these days from billboards to business cards, from airline boarding passes to bottles of wine and even your bills. The penetration and utility of QR codes in print media is undeniable.

We even saw a QR code on a piece of artwork recently!

QR Codes can be an important addition to your online campaign by driving more traffic to your site and, if done right, build some buzz around your site and brand.

Generate QR Codes with our utility here and start using on your campaigns.

A QR Code reader is available for most smart phones for free from you app store.

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QR Code Generator

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Create a QR Code

You can create your own QR Code by following the steps listed below.

  1. Enter the content you would like to make into a QR Code.
  2. Choice the error correction and size of the final code - defaults are usually fine.
  3. Click on the GENERATE button.
  4. The QR code will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Save the QR Code image onto your computer - you can usually do this by right clicking and then" save picture as..."

Images are produced as a png file which is suitable for adding to many documents. If you need other file formats then just contact us and we can produce a custom QR code for you.

Generate the QR code to produce something useful

Our creation tool will produce standard QR code images for most things. You can enter in the content box a website link, a text message, send an sms or email or make phone call. In fact the QR code can do lots of things, if you think of something you would like it to do then contact us and we may be able to help you. Here some guidelines on producing useful QR Codes that make your phone do something.

  1. To open a web page enter the URL as http://www.yourwebsite.co.uk
  2. To display some text on the screen just enter the text
  3. To send a text (SMS) message enter SMSTO:mobile number:text message
  4. To send an email from you smartphone enter mailto:emailaddress@mail.com
  5. To make a phone call enter TEL:phonenumber

Replace the generic information with something you want to use and then use out QR code generator to get your personalised code immediately. It is free to use and we hope it proves useful - please let us know how you are using it.

Websites designed by IAF Design can make use of specially designed QR codes

By understanding this emerging technology we are able to drive traffic to your site using QR codes. Our full CMS system generates QR codes automatically for every page which enable you to do lots of interesting and trackable marketing - just part of the service we offer. Building a website is only the start.

Marketing with QR codes

QR codes open up some really powerful marketing opportunities and is very cost effective. Here are a few ways you could use QR codes. Advertising, product labels, till receipts, direct mailing, billboards, information signs, shop windows, transport, on business cards, on merchandise, on buildings, on artwork.....

These are all practical uses in digital and offline marketing for QR codes. Of course there are many more tricks we can tell you about - IAF Design can take your ideas to the next level and develop them into effective and innovative marketing today.