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Email - powerful marketing

With many new forms of communication emerging, email continues to be used extensively by both business and consumers, most people that use the internet and view your website will have an email address.By sending them an email directly and personally to their inbox you can place your message right in front of them.

We can advise how best to get your message read and assist in a properly constructed and managed campaign.

Email Marketing Solutions

Whether you have a small list or an email list of thousands we can provide assistance in managing your email marketing campaign professionally. From legal requirements to keeping you out of the spam box.

We offer managed and self managed solutions including sign up options on your website and designing of the email to make it look great.


Getting your message directly to your clients and potential clients by email is a powerful option that can really work if undertaken with skill and care. In the basic form this is just sending an email to your client with news and promotions that may be of interest or just to update them. However email marketing is so much more and can be a powerful marketing tool.


Professionally designed and controlled campaigns will enable you to focus client's attention to a particular aspect of your business, to a specific service or to a product you wish to promote. Email marketing or electronic newsletters arrive directly to the individual so can be very personal and connected. The newsletter design can then direct clients directly to your website to further enhance the user experience forming an integrated campaign.

We offer a number of solutions to suit all business sizes and design the email for you to achieve the desired results. Once the email is sent out our hosted and website email applications provide you with all the tools to monitor and track your email campaign. Whether plain text email or html email there is a solution that is right for you.

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