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Logo solutions

When developing a logo we always like to understand the product and business, this is always the starting point in the design process.

The market place you trade in and the customers all need to be considered. For instance a brightly coloured and funky logo is unlikely to site comfortably on the letterhead of a law firm. Individual personalities and preferences give direction in the design process.

Once development begins we like to present several option to the client as several ideas may have strong design elements you will ultimately know your business and market places best.

Logo format

Once the final logo design is agreed the logo will be further refined to file produced in several formats to suit it's desired usage. Guidelines will be given on usage and each format.

A logo can cost less than you think but benefit you hugely.


Companies of all sizes should consider the importance of their brand, their identity, and what that says about them, and how clients see them. This is your big first impression moment, but it is much more.

While large multi nationals spend billions developing the "Brand" for a company or product this concept is no less important for more modest businesses. It is not just about imagery, it is about how you present yourself to clients and what that says about you and your business. We can guide you through developing a brand from a simple logo to guidlines on colours, styles and typefaces used in every aspect of the your trading. With simple rules laid out it is easy to start building your brand identity to enable to you to project the desired image to the world.


Brand identity often starts with looking at the logo design for your business. The simple logo can identify your business immediately and make you recognisable instantly. We are able to develop logo ideas for you to reach the correct image for your business, then guide you on how to apply the new logo across your business from product packaging to letterheads and cards. A logo's integrity needs to be maintained in all the areas it is used but remain associated with the brand.

Brand direction and logos