Digital imagery
high quality photography

Digital pictures on demand...

In many cases high quality photographs and artwork can be provided from our extensive library of stock photography. We have many thousands of suitable images that can be used in our website design and email marketing projects.

Our stock photography archive provides a large selection but if the right images is not available we can search online stock agencies for you to approve suitable images. This approach can often provide the solution when either budget or time or limited but you still want super photography.

Professional Photography

If specialist photography is required to meet particularly demanding needs then we can arrange this and go on to post process the images to optimise the photograhic images to your project.


"a picture is worth a thousand words....."

High quality photographs play a major part in projecting your image to the world. It is essential to use good images that show your business to as you intend. Even with the best service and products to sell people need to see them and using good photography greatly improves the attraction of your business.


At IAF Design we are able to provide a full photographic service. High quality digital cameras are used to shoot photographs for your business from single products and images to complete product shoots for catalogues. In house we are able to re-touch and process images into formats and of a quality suitable for the intended final media. Images for print are very different to those used in website design or in email marketing newsletters. We can also scan existing images and negative/slides.

Whatever your photographic requirements we are here to work with you to achieve amazing results.

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