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SEO and online marketing

Once you know your current website position and structure you can then move forward to apply the basic optimisation principle to your site.

All our site we produce we have alrady had much of this work done during the intial creation and coding.

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Don't worry, we do a great job in hand holding and help if you are new to game.



On the web today most people use a search engine to find out information and undertake research on products and services. Being on the first page of Google is important to many businesses and there are numerous ways to approach SEO or Search engine optimisation of your website. We aim to guide you through the process of optimising your website whether we undertake all the work for you or tell you how to do it yourself.

No one can guarantee to be able to get you onto first page of Google, anyone who does should be treated with some caution and no one has a special relationship with Google - the old saying of "if it seems to good to be true it probably is" applies here in our opinion. In fact some of the tricks used could actually harm your rating or get your site banned.


The best way to get results is to ensure your website has great content and is updated regularly. There are lots of ways to write web content with keywords and the like but ultimately a website for most businesses has to deliver information and content that is useful and relevant to its customers. We can undertake a full audit on your website and report on many of factors effecting your search engine position and exposure to the search engines, including explaining what it all means. Simple changes to either code or your approach to your website can make a huge difference, however SEO is long term commitment and needs to be an integrated part of your online marketing.

We can give you the knowledge and tools to get the job done, it can be time consuming but need not be difficult or very technical if you know how to approach it. The usual rules of marketing and PR still apply online. If you prefer we can undertake the work of SEO and online marketing for you based on a monthly fee for time spent. Once you have all the facts you can make an informed decision.


A report of your site helps you know your current position and then enable you to set realistic targets for improving your position.

Your should determine keyword or more correctly usually keyword sets to optimise your site for. You should look at title tags, meta tags, keywords in content and even the amount of content on a page. All images should be tagged, site maps produced in both readable web page for and xml file form for search engines to read. We will help you understand all these principles.You will also need links and references from social media and be able to inform the search engines that you exist. You may even consider additional domains names to specifically optimise for your choosen keywords.Finally you can consider GoogleAds so by paying for clicks you can fast track to google exposure which is sometimes useful with new site.

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